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Understanding electrodes is to ionization what understanding the heart would be to health – everything! We drink alkaline ionized water for the healthy properties. The electrodes cause the ionization which deliver these benefits. Emco Tech’s proprietary electrode technology sets the industry standard.

Proprietary Electroplating Technique Optimizes Ionization
No Titanium Leaching
Optimal Results Without the use of Corrosives

Our electrodes utilize a cutting edge mesh design, the most effective configuration for an ionizer. Each titanium electrode is charged and robotically sprayed with multiple coats of platinum from different angles. This technically advanced proprietary process was developed by Emco Tech to assure optimal consistency, uniformity and performance and durability. Our advanced electroplating process is optimal due to superior platinum adhesion, conductivity and increased surface area and optimized water flow dynamics for increased pH and ORP (as proven in independent US EPA certified testing) .

Understanding Electrodes
Plate Power!!
Mesh vs. solid plates
Bigger is NOT better

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